Budget 101: The Budget Kit Review

It’s the end of another month here at brokeGIRLrich and the end of another series. Since our theme this month was getting out budgets in order, the giveaway of the month has been The Budget Kit by Judy Lawrence (and you still have 4 days left to win it!)

Click here to enter the drawing over at Rafflecopter!

Click here to enter the drawing over at Rafflecopter!



Judy Lawrence is a personal financial counselor with decades of personal finance experience, ranging back to high school when she set up her “5 Jar” budgeting method. She worked in a nearby cheese factory and would deposit her earnings into five jars earmarked for college, clothes, savings, spending and her car. This early start as a budgeter continued on into her married life. The forms she developed to keep her household budget on track are what turned into her Budget Kit book. She comes from an excellent track record of life-long budgeting skills and loves to share her tips with the public.


 The Budget Kit is a practical, no frills guide to setting up your household budgets. It delves into monthly and annual budgets, as well as how to budget for special events and circumstances. Judy also provides helpful tips and advice for sticking to your budgets and warnings and common pitfalls to avoid.


I found this book to be great. I don’t want to curl up with a cup of coffee and read it, but I did make me want to sit down and revisit all my budgets, making sure I hadn’t missed anything. I also never really thought about an annual budget until I read her book and realized life would be a lot easier if I did. I would usually brace myself about two months before my car insurance was due and go into mega-saving anti-social hibernation mode so I could pay it each year. Her book makes it very easy to start a budget for the first time, if you never have, or tweak and improve your existing budgets.


Enter now to win a copy of The Budget Kit. Contest ends 10/31/13.

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